Evidence-Based Sentencing to Improve Public Safety and Reduce Recidivism

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One of the most important reforms in state sentencing and corrections taking place today is the incorporation of principles of “evidence-based practice” (EBP) into state sentencing and corrections policy and practice. Over the past fifteen years there has emerged a voluminous body of rigorous research demonstrating that certain research-based approaches to corrections and sentencing can effectively change offender behavior and significantly reduce offender recidivism. This free on-line course was designed to inform judges about this research and help them incorporate EBP into their sentencing decisions and practices. Taught by Dr. Geraldine Nagy, Director of Travis County Community Supervision and Corrections Department, and the Hon. Roger K. Warren, President Emeritus of the National Center for State Courts, the course consists of 24 content modules that include nearly 4.5 hours of video presentations.